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Your financial situation is unique to you so depending on your personal needs, there are many different ways to get the financial advice you want, from our Advice Time sessions to our Inclusive Financial Plan we’ve got a variety of options for you.

Initial Orientation

Complementary session

We will discuss your needs and goals for your engagement with us. Based on your needs we work together to determine the best way for you to get the answers you need, and the guidance you want.

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Inclusive Financial Plan

Starting at $1,800 + HST/GST

We start with a  conversation about your goals and current situation. We then analyze your complete financial picture and project the path you’ve set into the future. From there we compare to the goals that you’ve discussed with us and provide recommendations to help you achieve your dreams. An Inclusive Financial Plan can give you the confidence to live your best life, and make sure you’re on the journey you want to be.

  • A personal discovery of your goals.
  • Analysis of your situation through 7 financial planning areas.
  • Preparation of written financial plan.
  • Recommendations to achieve your goals.


  • Inclusive Goal Setting Session
  • Written Financial Plan Preparation
  • Recommendation Session.
  • Advice Time session banked for later

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Business Financial Planning

Starting from $3,000 +HST/GST

Our keystone business consulting package, Running a business requires difficult decisions both big and small. Allow us to help guide you through the financial hurtles your business faces, look for unseen risks, and assist you in your financial decision making process. We work with entrepreneurs and business owners across a broad range of industries and sectors to help them make the choices that keep their business thriving, while maintaining their values and principles. All with a goal of reducing the financial stress and burden on business owners and key decision makers. Put our financial expertise on your side today and see the difference Inclusive Financial Planning makes.


On a project basis or hourly at $50/hr + HST/GST

Our Inclusive Bookkeeping Services are ready to support your organization every step of the way, with a focus on efficiency and efficacy we work to ensure your finances are one less thing to worry about. With our team of financial professionals we can go beyond the numbers and help you understand what’s going on within your business or non-profit organization, and make better decisions around the money you have. To learn more about our bookkeeping services click here, or reach out to

Advice Time

$265 + HST/GST per hour,
minimum 1/2 hour

Whether you’ve got a list of questions you want answered or are looking to discuss your situation. Advice Time is designed to give you the flexibility to set the agenda, discuss your financial worries, and find answers to your questions and concerns. Without the commitment of a full written financial plan.

Covering personal and business planning related areas including:

  • Financial Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Legal Aspects


as per Consultant’s rates, plus GST/HST and expenses

For custom engagements we offer hourly consulting rates. Depending on your needs we will work with you on a variety of projects such as navigating financial institutions, developing business strategies, or working alongside your existing advisors and professionals towards the achievement of your goals.

With expertise in:

  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Inclusive Financial Advisory
  • Human Resources Management
  • Staffing and Hiring
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Portfolio Review

$900 + HST/GST

Our Portfolio Review covers an examination of your current investment portfolio looking at your portfolio construction, risk, diversification, and tax efficiency. Perfect for the do it yourself investor, or those looking for an unbiased second opinion. Have the best of both worlds, the advantages of a trusted financial planning, without the hefty commissions or fees. Just pay for the advice you need.


  • Portfolio analysis
  • Written Portfolio Report
  • Discussion Session.

This does not incorporate specific security and/or product recommendations.

Tax Return Preparation

Starting at $125 + HST/GST per return

More then just a T1 return preparation, we will work with you to identify tax planning opportunities to ensure you’re paying your fair share, but not any more.

  • Preparation of T1 General Including:
    • Self Employed Income
    • Rental Property Income
    • Joint Returns
    • Income Splitting
    • Retirement
  • Review by a financial planner for tax planning opportunities

$125 +HST/GST is the minimum cost per return, for more complex returns fees are charged at our usual rate of $265 +HST/GST per hour.

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Pay what you can

We provide several Advice Time sessions each month at a PWYC rate for those that are in need of advice but find our standard prices a barrier.

Please see our Pay What You Can page for more details.