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What to Expect From a Financial Plan

A good financial plan should be a simple and useful tool for you to measure and achieve your financial goals. When you engage us in a financial plan we want you to go through the process understanding what to expect so you can best use our time together.

Upon accepting an engagement we will send you a link to enter your financial information, the more complete a picture you’re able to provide the better advice we can give you.

We will then schedule a goal setting session. This is where we’ll discuss your hopes and dreams, your worries and stresses and work to determine what your financial goals are. We use a guided conversational approach to our sessions, so you don’t need to worry about being prepared.

Using the information you’ve provided, the hard data, and the conversation we’d had while goal setting, the soft meaning. We work to determine options for you to achieve those goals, while emphasizing what’s important to you. We also look for efficiencies and opportunities to make improvements to your situation.

Once the plan is prepared, we’ll meet to review the plan that’s been created. We don’t believe in burying you in graphs that don’t help you. So we’ll provide some key charts that help you understand your situation as well as a written summary that explains your situation and our recommendations that relate to your goals. There’s also time for any other questions that you have. Your plan will also be available to you online.

From there we meet again to check on your progress and adjust as necessary, annually or bi-annually if you prefer. A financial plan captures a moment in time and our lives are rarely that predictable. As soon as they’re written they’re out of date so it’s important to revisit them every year or so to see how your life has changed, if your priorities have changed and to make sure you’re still working towards your goals.

We also do more than planning, if you’re looking for coaching or support through any of your financial endeavours we’re available to work alongside you.