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Business and Non-Profit Consulting

Growing a business or organization can be difficult, there’s never enough time to get everything done. It’s also difficult to get support and advice when you need it.

No one runs a business alone, the biggest companies rely on teams of advisors and consultants to support them in a variety of ways. Often the only way to access those advisors is once you’ve already done most of the work in growing your business.

At Inclusive Financial Planning we have a team with a breadth of experience not just in financial matters but in areas such as operations, human resources, staffing, diversity, equity and inclusion. We can work with you from the very beginning of your planning through growing your organization and into larger and more stable stages. We’re focused on helping your organization be the best version of itself.

Human Resources Management is often one of the first oversights for smaller organizations. Managing your most valuable asset, your employees with compassion and respect not only makes your organisation more effective and profitable, it also reduces liability to the organization, and reduces time spent away from your goals and objectives. Click Here to Learn More About Our Human Resources Consulting

Maintaining a diverse workforce is no longer a luxury in today’s competitive labour market. Ensuring your organization is welcoming to queer and gender diverse employee’s is one facet of a complex tapestry of human individuality. As the only certified LGBT owned business in Atlantic Canada offering diversity, equity, and inclusion training, consulting, and guidance Inclusive Financial Planning is uniquely positioned to provide lived experience with all of our work. We believe in taking more then just an educational perspective on inclusion for LGBTQIA+ employees, but a holistic approach that involves changing cultures, and giving organizations the resources to uphold their inclusive values.

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To learn more about our corporate consulting with financial institutions please see our corporate consulting page

Inclusive Financial Planning is proud to be queer and trans owned and is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise by CGLCC, Canada’s 2SLGBTQIA+ Chamber of Commerce.