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Advice-only financial planning makes quality financial advice available to everyone.

Inclusive Financial Planning is built from the ground up to make financial planning easier to access, and more impactful to your day to day life. We’re a fee only financial planner, which means we only charge based on an hourly rate. Our only focus is to help you achieve your goals, we don’t sell any financial products, and we only offer personalized advice to our clients. From coast to coast to coast (except Quebec) we’re leaders in making expert financial advice available to Canadians when and how they need it.

Our mission is to make financial advice easier to access. Financial planning from a Certified Financial Planner® professional makes a positive difference in your financial situation and helps you achieve your long term goals. At Inclusive Financial planning we believe everyone is unique, and our services are personal to each of our clients. We can help calm your financial stress no matter where you are in life. Inclusion matters so much to us we put it in our name! We actively work to reduce barriers to financial advice. We don’t sell products. We charge a fee for our time, and you only pay for the time you use.

We’re proud to support the community we live in, as well as working towards a more equitable future for all of us. We’re uniquely suited to provide LGBT financial advice for the community. Laura Whiteland, CFP® CIM® owner of Inclusive Financial Planning is the first trans financial planner in Canada. We’re working to provide the best LGBT financial planning from the community, to the community.

How We Support Community

Life can be complicated, but we’re here to keep your finances simple. Our goal is to provide the expertise and capabilities usually reserved for high net worth individuals for anyone that needs financial advice. From new entrepreneurs, to do it yourself investors, and anyone that doesn’t quite fit into traditional financial planning based on investable assets, we’re here for you!

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What our clients are saying:

“Opening my business was one giant learning curve and I am so thankful to Laura for supporting me in navigating the complexities of corporate finances. Laura took the time to understand not just the numbers, but how I felt about my finances and why I spend the way I do. She took the time to understand what matters to me now and what I want and value in the future as well. I felt seen and heard in the discussion and Laura offered brilliant solutions in her financial plan. My business is better because of her care and expertise.”

– Shila LeBlanc (she/her) – Restorative practitioner + Founder




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