Planning that empowers us all

Corporate Consulting

Increasingly financial institutions are looking to improve their services for all of their clients. Inclusive Financial Planning offers bespoke consulting, training, and advisory to executives, financial professionals, and senior managers on inclusive financial advisory practices. We work with organizations to complement their ongoing Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs while providing the unique perspectives we’ve gained from our advice-only financial planning practice. Our work revolves around implementing anti-sexist and gender inclusive practices to financial advisors at an institutional level.

We support executives and senior managers in understanding the needs of gender diverse, transgender, and queer individuals when accessing financial advice. Our work helps bridge understanding to ensure that efforts to improve the inclusivity of financial advice are successful and impactful. We work with stakeholders where they are and work to improve knowledge and understanding. We know there are barriers to accessing financial advice, we’ve experienced them but by working together we can remove those barriers and create more opportunities for institutions to work effectively with their clients to mutual benefit.

Inclusive Financial Planning is owned by Laura Whiteland one of the first out transgender portfolio managers and financial planners in Canada. IFP is a certified supplier by CGLCC.


To learn more about our consulting work please reach out to Laura, or 902-603-1035