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Human Resources Consulting

Managing an effective workforce with diverse needs, skills, and backgrounds can be a demanding task. As an organization grows the complexity of managing that workforce doesn’t just increase, it multiplies. That’s where effective Human Resources Management can help your organization run at peak performance, while mitigating conflict, and ultimately reducing liability exposure.

Managing employees from an operational standpoint doesn’t always translate into the particular expertise required for managing your human resources. With the growing difficulty of maintaining a workforce and the complexity of hiring there’s not always time to treat this part of your operation with the care it deserves.

At Inclusive Financial Planning we work to provide leaders with tools to effectively manage their personal and corporate affairs. Our Senior Human Resources Consultant, Tammy Hamlin has the experience needed to successfully manage your team, while assisting with hiring and interviewing. As well as working on policy and procedure development to ensure that you’re prepared for any issues that might arise. Tammy is also skilled at handling complex negotiations, whether that’s for individual employee on-boarding or retention, Tammy is also highly proficient in managing a unionized workforce.

The complexity of labour relations has grown exponentially with greater scrutiny of labour practices, as well as responsibilities from human rights legislation. Leaving your organization vulnerable by failing to manage employees in a thoughtful manner is a great risk. Creating a smart and people-centric approach to human resources can help you keep your best employees, improve those that need it, and ensure you’re focused on the success of your organization.