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Fee For Service Financial Planning

There are many ways to access financial planning services, but what’s the difference between fee for service financial planning and fee only financial planning?

Fee for service financial planners offer their services as part of a practice that includes selling products, such as investments or insurance. As such their advice is often based on the products that they sell. They will sometimes offer financial planning advice as a service but with a discount if you choose to buy products from them. Often those other products are where they make the bulk of their money from. There’s an incentive for a fee for service financial planner to steer you towards the products that they sell which may not necessarily be what makes the most sense for you.

Why does it matter?

Fee only Financial Planning is what we offer at Inclusive Financial Planning because we believe that it’s the best way to deliver the highest quality financial advice for our clients. Fee only refers to the fact that we only charge a fee for our services, there’s nothing else to sell. So we’re focused from the very beginning on what matters to our clients. No matter your situation what you need most is unbiased financial advice that prioritizes your goals and dreams for you and your family. Everyone is unique and our advice reflects that with personalized financial planning and unbiased advice. We’re committed to ensuring that there’s nothing holding us back from giving you the financial planning that you need to achieve what’s most important to you. If you’d like to learn more about how we offer fee only financial planning, check out our services!

How any professional is paid matters, and understanding the difference between fee for service financial planning and fee only financial planning can help you make a better decision with who you choose to work with.